Artifort 1970s design sofa


Here we have a original vintage organic shaped brown leather two seater sofa from Artifort.
This is a collector’s item, it is in very good condition for his age.
The shape is organic, and the leather is very dark brown.
This is a low seated sofa, as they were in the 1960 s / ‘70s.
On the back of the seat cushions and underneath there is the Artfiort brand name.
So you know it is a real design.
A ideal item for a smaller space and a real eye catcher in your home or in a commercial place.
Depth: 85 cm Height: 65 cm Sitting height: 35 cm Width: 143 cm

125 years of design
The foundations of Artifort were laid by Jules Wagemans when he set up business as an upholsterer in Maastricht in 1890. His son, Henricus Wagemans, expanded the company into a furniture factory, which had a showroom in Amsterdam by the end of the nineteen twenties and was already well known nationally.

The economic recession of the nineteen-thirties forced H. Wagemans & Van Tuinen, as the furniture company was then known, to create a distinctive profile. Developing a catchy brand name and logo was a start. And naturally the furniture had to be distinctive too. The emphasis came to lie on
functionality, comfort and quality combined with aesthetically pleasing design and an innovative use of materials.

In 1928 the new brand name was introduced: Artifort, derived from the Latin word ‘ars’ meaning art or knowledge, and ‘fortis’ meaning strong or powerful. The word ‘comfort’ is also reflected in this brand name.
A great deal changed with the arrival of the interior and furniture designer Kho Liang Ie. His forward-looking view, his great knowledge of design and his international contacts were not only determining factors in the successes of the nineteen-sixties and seventies but have continued to exert their influence up to this day.

Artifort and Kho Liang Ie introduced talked-about designs and together ensured that the name Artifort became a runaway success internationally, both with architects and lovers of design. In 1959, Kho Liang Ie recruited the French designer Pierre Paulin, who introduced new techniques and constructions. He also designed a new logo for Artifort with Harry Sierman.

First picture and text the side of Artifort

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