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Gibaud 1950s Mannequin

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French 1950‘s male formed plastic advertising mannequin van ‘’GIBAUD’’ sport bandages.
The white sections on the mannequin are the sports bandages that “Gibaud” still manufacture.
Height: 126 cm
Width: 60 cm

Histoire du Bonhomme GIBAUD
Invention of the first tubular belt: The Dr Gibaud belt. The story goes that Maurice Pichon and Docteur Gibaud came up with the idea of the Gibaud belt while out fishing together. The flannel was replaced with wool and the band sewn into a tube form.
The “Reins au Chaud du Dr Gibaud” (“Keep your midriff warm with Dr. Gibaud”) slogan was used to promote the belt on billboards in the metro, on the side of delivery trucks and even on television, the aim being to innovate with communication and distribution methods.
Finally came the creation of the woollen underwear version, under the Mérilaine brand..

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