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Adversing sign Chocolat Poulain.



Large unusual thin metal advertising sign from the French chocolate brand Chocolat Poulain.
Because of the size of this sign, this really makes a statement at home or in your company.

Height: 200 cm
Width: 100 cm

Source information Wikipedia
Chocolat Poulain is one of the oldest chocolate brands in France .
It is best known for its chocolate bars, as well as its product Poulain Orange, a chocolate drink mix.Victor-Auguste Poulain started mass-producing chocolate in 1848 in Blois,
France, before forming a public limited company in 1893.
He believed that a commercial future in chocolate would be found through mass sales and in industrialized product production and marketing campaigns targeted at children and families.
The company was acquired by Carambar & Co in 2017.




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